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So tired now of paying my dues

I start off strong but I always lose

Uchiha, Sasuke
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In Character Information:
Name/Age: Uchiha, Sasuke
Age: 22
Birthday: July 23rd, 1986
Position: College Student (Commercial Music Major); Musician

Personality: Sasuke is a rather ambiguous individual, and it’s anyone’s guess as to what he is really thinking behind those dark eyes. Forever an introvert, he’s not the type of person that would be seen hanging around with a lot of people around him. He keeps to himself, and through the years has been accustomed to his own company - something that he generally prefers. He is also a pessimist, never truly seeing the glass as half full.

Though while these may be considered as negative traits, Sasuke is above all else a determined individual. He doesn’t back down easily, and oftentimes comes out of situations the victor when something that is precious to him hangs in the balance - or his responsibility and honor are being challenged. Due to the fact that he is exceedingly talented, both intellectually and physically, Sasuke is rather an arrogant man, and it shows. Always beneath the shadow of his elder brother in the eyes of his father, the youngest Uchiha has strived to do everything he can to be noticed. Not one willing to accept pity, or others looking down on him he has forced himself to do nothing but get stronger and smarter so that one day he could be counted with the same grain of salt next to his idol, Itachi.

Background: In the midsummer months Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha brought into the world their second son, whose conception had been nothing short of an accident. They had only intended to have one child, but the couple was ecstatic when they found that they would not only have one heir, but two. As the eldest, Itachi would naturally take his place as the patriarch of the Uchiha clan when the time came. But it would take time to decide what to do with the newest edition to the old money family. From the moment of his birth, Itachi had taken it upon himself to play the role of big brother to the best of his abilities; taking care of Sasuke was important business to attend to. By the time he was eight years old, the youngest Uchiha had been taking lessons from his brother and was already excited about attending martial arts classes as well.

While this was all fine and good, the older the boys grew the more things seemed to change. Fugaku was always after Itachi and encouraging him for being smarter and stronger than any child he’d ever seen. Sasuke was left struggling to crawl out from beneath his brother’s shadow, and despite the determination to prove himself to his father - he never held anything against Itachi for always having his father’s attention, rather always looking up to his elder brother with an almost hero-like worship. The turning point in Sasuke’s childhood came when he was around the age of eight, when he stepped outside waiting to welcome Itachi home and found his brother fighting men that appeared to be much older than himself. He appeared cold and distant, unlike Sasuke had ever seen him before and it terrified the young boy, calling out to Itachi to stop. The elder Uchiha froze upon hearing his brother’s voice and immediately apologized for his actions. But things would never be the same.

After that days events, Sasuke was finally beginning to receive recognition from Fugaku, feeling that he’d worked diligently enough to be able to one day be on the same pedestal that Itachi had been on. But that was not to be. The attention was short lived, dissipating as quickly as it came, much like a storm. He was left feeling empty as the attention he had wanted so desperately from his father had returned with a vengeance, praising his brother and treating him with reverence. Would he never be equal to Itachi in his father’s eyes? Sasuke’s mother Mikoto claimed that when they were alone, that Fugaku spoke only of him and while he could handle basking only in one parent’s radient light the thing that Sasuke wasn’t able to handle - was the distancing of the gap between himself and Itachi.

His beloved brother, the person he’d looked up to had begun to act differently. He was much colder than Sasuke remembered, doing everything as asked of him - almost as if he were a puppet of the Uchiha. This left him angered, for it appeared so long as Itachi did whatever his father wanted - he was left ignored, as well as not to be included in the normal charade of a man in the Uchiha family. He was left free to do as he wanted, which included music lessons. Sasuke found he was much calmer so long as he could vent his frustration into that Gibson Les Paul that he’d received as a Christmas gift from Itachi after he’d become CEO of one of the many corporations belonging to their family. With that determination, as well as a general mistrust of people, Sasuke intended to make himself known to his father once and for all. If he couldn’t do it by respectable means like Itachi, he would just have to go about his own way.

Anything Else?: Sasuke isn’t a fan of sweets, in fact he doesn’t like them at all. His favorite treat though are tomatoes. ^^