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September 2009

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School Woes

Sometimes I wonder what the point of going to class is, because every time it seems that I come out learning absolutely nothing. He never comes to class prepared, which is annoying in itself… and then he has the audacity to tell me I’m wrong after correcting him several times on the inner workings of his equations. For crying out loud, if you don’t know how to teach - tear up your degree, burn it and go fill out an application for something a little more your speed. God I hate idiots.


I concur, some of these professors are completely and utterly useless *rolls eyes*
Agreed, a total waste of payroll.
The system itself is more than flawed to begin with. Back when I was in high school, you could report a teacher, but such action only led to a single inspection, which the teacher had forty days to prepare for. It was infuriating.

At one point, I got so fed up with my history teacher I decided to take control. So I persuaded him to let me lead the class for a couple days. I did it better.
Perhaps I should consider that option, it would seem things might go more smoothly that way.
When you're paying that kind of money to get into school you'd think that teachers would be prepared.

But considering you've "corrected" him several times, maybe you just made him nervous. People make mistakes when they know you're looking for them.

((OOC: lol what is Sasuke holding in his hand? I just cant tell.))
To err is human, to forgive divine etc, etc. I would suppose I made him nervous, so in that case he should take more care in paying attention to what he's doing. That isn't too much to ask is it?

(OOC: lol! It's a microphone :3)
Not in retrospect, but if he made a bunch of mistakes, and you pointed them out(good on ya) then he'll be bound to trip. Probably make more mistakes that way, lose confidence and y'know. Fuck up royal.

((OOC: lol okay. I was thinking a bottle of wine in a paper bag.. but that was way too weird.))
Yea I can buy that, and if he's fucking up because of me well... oh well. I'm not going to apologize for wanting to get what I paid for.

((OOC: lol I hadn't even noticed that it was cut off that bad when I made it. :D))
Pfft. Fuck no. Don't apologize, but notice what kind of proff you have. It could work to your advantage.

((OOC: Haha no worries. Sometimes I don't comprehend what I'm seeing.))
I'll keep that in mind. Though next year I might opt not to take summer classes again.

((OOC: I know the feeling ^^;;))
That's a good thing. Have some fun in the sun!